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Tom Pitts grew up in the landscaping industry.  His father had a small landscape design and install business, that Tom worked in for years.  They closed that business and started doing Bobcat work which included concrete breaking and removal.  They would sometimes butcher up yards to get to rear patios and such.  It would always bother the landscaper in Tom to look at the needed restoration work left after we finished our task.

Tom tried mini-skid steers, ramrods, dingos etc., but none were satisfactory.  They started doing more concrete removal and the areas that they found themselves needing to work in, became smaller and smaller.

Brokk 90 demolition robot Tom eventually bought an electric powered Brokk demolition robot because we wanted big power in a small package.  We started removing pool decks and patios, but the restoration was still an issue.  Then Tom realized that he had this extremely efficient method of breaking concrete, but an old fashioned way of hauling it off.  (wheelbarrows, push carts etc.) Tom still had a big crimp in the production hour glass.  Click here to read a story about exactly what I mean.

One day Tom discovered the Tracked Haulers and it was love at first sight.  He had two and began using them and they proved to be money in the bank.  We were able to haul out or in largecrete busters tracked hauler, mini construction equipment for hauling debris from small and tight areas (1,000 lbs-1,500lbs) loads of material concrete, gravel, dirt etc.  This is done through an opening less than 30 inches wide, with the ability of going up or down hills.  It requires minimal if any, restoration.  This was just what they needed to compliment our Brokk and their new limited access focus.

CB electric excavatorThey added two more Tracked Haulers and a couple of mini-excavators to improve their service offerings.  Tom then designed two Tracked Haulers to 480 3 phase electric power to work along side the Brokk for fume free interior work at hospitals, stores, food plants, schools etc.

Crete Busters started selling the CB Tracked Haulers to other savvy contractors.  They created a mini-excavator that used electric power (Yes, ELECTRIC!) and sold our Brokk. For the full story behind that click here.

Crete Busters now offer our CB Tracked Haulers in diesel as well as electric power and CB Electric Powered Excavators for sale. And we couldn’t be happier with their performance and efficiency.  Not only does Crete Busters sell the mini construction equipment, but they use them in the day to day operations at Crete Busters, LLC.  They began as contractors, are still contractors and will continue as contractors.  Contractors that will always strive to help you save time and make more money.  This is our pledge to you.

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