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Brokk 90 Robot vs IHI 9NX-2 Electric Excavator vs CB Electric Excavator

March 16, 2009 by  
Filed under CB Electric Excavator

This chart is a comparison of the some of  most important features on these 3 electric powered machines.  All data taken from manufacturers published materials where available.

* Please note that the Brokk 90 is remote control and is designed for high reach.  So if  most of your work requires remote control and breaking over 8 feet high, then the Brokk is a good option for you.

**The previous statement was written to prevent the emails to us about an “unfair” comparison or our “lack of knowledge” about the Brokk.  We know all about the Brokk.  It’s a good machine.  We owned and operated a Brokk 90.**

We just found that most of our indoor contracting  jobs did require fume free, but didn’t require remote control or a vertical reach of 13 feet high.  That’s what lead to the birth of the CB Electric Excavator.  And for about 1/3 of the price of a Brokk 90, a lot of other contractors understand what we mean.

Brokk 90 IHI 9NX-2 CB-EE
Weight (lbs) 2,050 2,100 2,343
Horsepower 15/480 3ph 5/240 3ph 15/480 3ph
Dig Depth (ft) 3’6″ 5’2″ 6’4″
Auxiliary Flow (gpm) 11 5.9 11.2
Hammer Size (lbs) 265 100 265
Bucket Size (ins.) – (cu.ft.) 20″ – N/A 12″ – 0.8 Up to 30″ – 2.0
Width (ins.) 31 27 27 (39 expanded)
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