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Brokk 90 up for sale?

April 9, 2009 by  
Filed under CB Electric Excavator

**If you haven’t seen the video on the right side of your screen yet, make sure you check it out.**

These questions have been answered within another post, but sometimes it gets overlooked.  So it has been decided to give it a brief entry of its own.

The questions:

1. “You put your Brokk 90 up for sale huh?”

2. “Why?”

The answers:

1. Yes, we put our Brokk 90 up for sale.

2. We not only perform interior demolition, but we do a lot of interior          excavation as well.  As you can see from this video post, many Brokk users will admit that it is not the best machine for digging.  But it does beat digging by hand when you can’t have fumes on your project.  We also felt the same.

The Brokk was great for demolition, especially high reach demolition.  However, we realized that most of our projects did not require remote control or high reach.

The Brokk has a longer learning curve involved than most equipment and staying on guys to do proper maintenance was costly.

This is what led to the development of the CB Electric Excavator.  We decided to develop it so that it will run the same hammer as the Brokk 90 for demolition.

So if some of the above words relate to your situation, then give us a call.  Because at 1/3 of the price it is a better option for many.

But if you do need remote control for safety and a 13 foot high reach, then we have no problem telling you to check out the Brokk 90.

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