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Brokk Robot for excavation? Video post.

March 18, 2009 by  
Filed under CB Electric Excavator

Here’s a youtube video of a Brokk 180 with the bucket attachment instead of a hammer.  The video isn’t the reason for this post.  The reason for this post is the comment that the owner makes about his Brokk 180 and justification for our statement about the CB Electric Excavator being a superior digging machine.  I think some of you guys that call us think that we are making this up.  Remember we are contractors and owned a Brokk during and after the development of the CB Electric Excavator.  We have used them on jobs side by side.
Quote from SparalOy, owner of the youtube channel this video came from.
“Brokk 180 with showel digging conrete slabs that have been hammered loose from the floor. If you look closely you will see the metal slabs that were to be removed later. This machine is not ideal for digging, but beats a hand showel 10-0 =D no exhaust and no sweat ;D”

Go to the youtube page for this video and look at the description area yourself if you need to

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