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Can you dig it? Electric Excavators?

February 10, 2010 by  
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We sent a CB Electric Excavator  ( CBEE  ) with hammer and two CB Electric Tracked Haulers (CBETH) to a project at a Gold’s Gym remodel where the general contractor was to excavate and install a swimming pool in the adjacent space in a strip mall outside DC .

The pool contractor started digging with a Bobcat skid steer and mini-excavator with exhaust scrubbers until the property owner was called and all excavation was stopped cold. The general contractor was about to be forced to do the digging by hand which they were not in a big hurry to do.

They called us to discuss our  CBETHs for hauling out the hand excavated  fill. The project manager was trying to retain a Brokk 180 for the digging and our CBETH  for hauling out. We talked for a little while and I asked how they were going to load the haulers.

After he mentioned the 180 I told him about a 180 owner ,who in a caption for a Youtube video ,stated that the Brokk although it did not dig well , it beat a shovel .  CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF.  Press “more info” in the description area underneath the user name.

I told him about the CBEE and went over some of our web videos and he decided to go with our methods ,since our electric excavators solved all of  his   excavation  problems at one time.

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