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Fume- Free Future

February 22, 2009 by  
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A couple of years ago a dentist called us to look at an interior sawing job to correct some ”oops’s” on an inaccessible basement wall that had recently been poured . We did not end up doing the job ,but we were told a disturbing story by the homeowner. It seems as though when the “oops” happened ,the concrete contractor , a  normally reputable company decided to bring in a gas powered quick cut saw to make the needed cuts . The crew began their cutting and everything was going well until the kids upstairs started getting sleepy. The contractor for some reason did not warn the dentists wife and three small children upstairs, of the carbon monoxide risks associated with fossil fuel use indoors. The children as well as their mother had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital and placed in hyperbaric chambers overnight . That was a very expensive mental lapse for that contractor that could have yielded catastophic results.

August 8, 2001 25  people were rushed to local hospitals for treatment after being subjected to exhaust fumes from a concrete saw operated by a plumbing contractor at Kenwood Towne Center in Cincinnati , Ohio. Many of the affected shoppers had to spend the night in hyperbaric chambers to have their systems cleared out.  Can you imagine the cost of that treatment and ambulance rides for 25 people ? Some had to be transported to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base 60 miles away for treatment. Can you imagine the legal liability ? Can you imagine what the outcome could have been ? Do you realize how easily this could have all been prevented ? Was this carelessness or was this negligence ?

We are using this as a lead in to a topic that I don’t hear discussed often enough… fumes generated during indoor sawing and excavating . For some reason sawing professionals will go in buildings and use  gas, LPG or diesel powered saws , as if they don’t generate carbon monoxide  and are perfectly safe, not true. When you use any equipment that burns fossil fuels of any type indoors you are putting your crews and everyone else in danger. Yeah I know a lot of what we do as contractors is fraught with risk, but some risks are just stupid.    Contractors and facility managers that continue to allow this practice are being at best remiss in their duties and at worst bordering on  negligence .

Just recently we were talking to a superintendent of a large hospital remodel ,about the use of our electric powered equipment on his project he at one point looked at me and said “scrubbers don’t work nobody likes them” (nobody- meaning hospital staff) Using scrubbers you are able to remove  some of the noxious smells , but not all of them. Face it if they smell anything at all , somebody’s gonna call .Why take the chance? You’ll never hear any one say “take the diesel units inside , they’ll get used to the smell! Not now nor ever again.

Fume-free electric powered equipment is the way to go and we know that our  current and future offerings will help you thrive in these trying times.

Catch the wave early and ride it for a long time. Call us now and let us show you how.

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