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Construction Equipment News: IHI 9NX-2 Electric Excavator makes way for CB Electric Excavator

April 9, 2009 by  
Filed under CB Electric Excavator

Check out this video.  This video post was quite a surprise for us!  We were not expecting this, however, we now know why the general contractor was not at first excited about seeing our equipment show up on his job site.  But thankfully the mechanical contractor found us online and saw video of the CB Electric Excavator that more than justified his decision.  As you will see here, the general is way more than happy!  After the video read the rest of the story below.  “Why the general contractor didn’t want to see us on his job site.”

The general thought that we were a “toy” replacing the other  “toy” that had failed on his job site earlier.  I would not be excited either, if I thought you were replacing one unproductive piece of equipment with another unproductive piece.  That’s why we started recording live project video, so you can see there is a difference.

Ahh,  must I remind you all.  We are contractors, that developed this equipment for contractors.  We use the CB Electric Excavator ourselves.

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