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CB Electric Mini Excavators

With a CB Electric Excavator, you are able to increase the utility of a mini excavator tremendously.  Just think about it, the ability to perform jobs in fume-free environments with no worries.Thus, becoming safer and more environmentally friendly.

Logically, a contractor (plumber, electrician, etc.)  that has to excavate, will always use a heavy equipment such as an excavator, outside to trench and remove slabs.  However, when they go inside they will have laborers with shovels and pry bars doing the work.

If you are going to be efficient outside, why become inefficient just because you go indoors.  Our CB Electric Excavator is only 28″ inches wide and have folding rops so getting through the tightest of areas becomes no problem.

The CB Electric Excavator comes equipped with a manual thumb and over 500 lbs of lifting capacity.  It makes tough jobs into child’s play, not mention boosting morale with your crews, therefore, boosting your bottom line.  You will be able to run the identical hammer as the Brokk 90 uses at a fraction of the cost, with much better digging performance.  Check out the specifications.  Click here for a flier.

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