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Electric Excavator Specifications

View the specs below. Also check out this comparison chart: Brokk 90 Robot vs IHI 9NX-2 Electric Excavator vs CB Electric Excavator.

Specifications Reference Model
Horsepower 15
Bucket Breakout Force (ft lb) 2,427
Arm Crowd Force (ft lb) 1,875
Max. Dig Depth (ft-in) 6-4
Max Dump Height (ft-in) 5-9
Vertical Wall Dig Depth (ft-in) 5-3
Max Pump Flow (gpm) 10
Auxiliary Flow (gpm) 10
Ground Pressure (psi) 3.3
Track Width (in) 7
Dozer Width (Extended) (in) 27.5 (39)
Operating Weight (lbs) (Canopy) 2,509