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CB Tracked Hauler

Our goal at is to always help you in your quest for better margins by reducing labor costs on your labor intense projects. Our CB Tracked Haulers are Kubota diesel powered workhorses that will haul and dump 1,200-1,500lbs over the sides of a 20 yard dumpster, while climbing hills and running through mud. A very innovative product for the mini construction equipment industry.

At only 28″ wide it will easily pass through any doorway without any adjustments being made. They are the perfect compliment to a mini excavator, Brokk demolition robot, limited access projects or any application that would have required the use of wheelbarrows.  Crete Busters experiences the indispensable value of the Tracked Haulers on our own projects.

It is not just a power buggy or motorized wheelbarrow. CB Tracked Haulers are available with optional auxiliary hydraulics (8gpm) to run saws, jackhammers and a wide variety of other hydraulic powered tools.  With this option you can haul and power the tools, haul the materials and haul the profits.  No need to have to have a dedicated hydraulic pack which can cost $5,000 or more. CB Tracked Haulers are also available with a 480 3phase corded electric motor for those jobs where fumes are strictly prohibited.  These units are as efficient as the diesel, but totally compliant with FDA rules.

Just ask yourself, “Can my wheelbarrow, power buggy, georgia buggy, concrete buggy or motorized wheelbarrow do all of this?” Concrete  Buggies, Georgia Buggies, Power Buggies and Motorized Wheelbarrows beware!  Check out the specifications.  Click here for a flier.

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