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Size matters… sometimes…bigger electric excavator

February 1, 2010 by  
Filed under Electric Excavator News

Let’s face it, environmental restrictions are only going to get more strict in 2010.  An electric powered mini excavator may be a great alternative to costly manual labor on a fume restricted project.  The following contractor thought so.

A plumbing contractor used our CBEE2 in a pharmaceutical plant to dig out an acid drain . The plumbing contractor had rented a CBEE for the project but after digging 5 feet for a pipe that the facilities people said would be found at 4 feet, they needed more dig depth.

Enter the CBEE2!  A larger electric mini excavator with over 9 feet of dig depth. Needless to say, that phase of the project was taken care of easily . The CBEE2 availability for rentals  is limited at this time so please ask early if you think that it is required for your fume sensitive project.

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